Anjali Mala

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Anjali Mala

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Anjali Mala = SERENITY

Opalite- Serenity, Calm, Inner Peace, Heals Depression and Anxiety

Matte Amethyst- Protection, Cleansing, Motivating, Higher Consciousness

Our Malas have been specially crafted with a great deal of love and intention by our friend Ky Gabriel. Malas are more then a yogi accessory, they make a great tool for meditation, intention and anything you are working with.

There is no right or wrong way to use your Mala beads. You can use your Malas to cultivate certain qualities you want more of in your life; peace, love, patience, energy, anything! Malas can also be used for releasing what is not serving you; troubles, negativity or overcoming bad habits.  

Where you wear your Mala beads does have energetic significance. 
Right Wrist: Giving energy, in service, sun energy, masculine energy
Left Wrist: Receiving energy, moon energy, feminine energy
Necklace: Balancing energy

We hope enjoy the unique Mika Malas and keep shining! 

Want to learn more about the meaning of Malas? Read our Blog!

- Designed & Handcrafted in Denver, CO 
- Can be worn as a bracelet or necklace
- 20.5 inches

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