Swim Collection Fabric & Care

Our bikinis are all handmade in Brazil, on the beautiful island of Florianópolis. 

Why this is important? Well, simply because they are made by happy people who enjoy the sun, water and a healthy lifestyle in order to deliver us the best products.

Each piece is carefully created with positive energy and Love!

Our unique fabric is made with Microfiber Polyamide and Lycra®, which offers fluidity, elasticity and is extremely soft to the touch. The manufacturers have been the pioneers and leaders of fabric production in Brazil since 1945. 

Technology: Polyamide Amni Microfiber and Lycra

Characteristics: Unique silk touch brought to Lycra® and provides fluidity, lightness and elasticity. 

Another important aspect of this fabric is its contribution to helping preserve mother earth. These manufacturers contribute to the the recently launched family of CO2 Control® fabrics, which are produced with an environmental friendly process. 

The fabric is 100% biodegradable, and recycle-able. 

Washing and Caring for Fabric:

This extremely delicate and soft fabric must be treated differently than the normal Mika Yoga Wear Perfit Fabric. All swim garments must be hand washed and dried on a flat surface. The fabric tends to wrinkle rather quickly, so keep them in a safe spot!