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Our Story

The concept of Mika came about when Founder, Laura was at Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Acapulco, Mexico in 2008. She practiced twice a day in extreme heat for 9 weeks & quickly realized she didn’t bring nearly enough yoga clothes. One day, she ended up using a swimsuit top she bought at the Mexican market & low & behold got a ton of compliments. The day she wore this particular cute top, a Mexican teen bopper magazine photographer was there in the class & zeroed in on her during the 90 minute sesh.


A few weeks later, she finds herself in a 2 page spread of “Notas Para Ti.” Laura thought that clearly she was chosen because of her killer outfit choice that day. She mentioned what had happened to her boyfriend, Sebastian & how cool it would be to start a line that had a sexy, swim inspired twist. (Oh and didn’t cost $50 for a pair of shorts or pinched the hips of curvy girls). Sebastian told her that when she returns, we should talk to his Dad about this because that was the world he worked in for years.


9 weeks abroad got the two of them not only thinking of this novel idea, but about something bigger for their future. Days after Laura returned from training, Sebastian asked her to marry him & almost immediately, the two of them started creating, building & fully immersing into what is now MIKA.


The two worked side by side out of a single car garage for 2 years while Sebastian’s dad coordinated the manufacturing logistics & worked with the team in Peru. As Mika expanded, the company planted it’s shipping headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Mika’s manufacturing has also taken off in Peru & since 2013, have their own family run factory that exclusively produces Mika.


As Mika grows, the company continues to stay true to it’s brand purpose: promoting flattering, affordable, quality, clothing that promotes confidence.