May Mika Giveaway!

May Pose: Any pose that incorporates a Lotus Mudra!

PRIZES: $100 Mika Gift Card | 3 Winners!
Deadline: 5/20

  April Showers bring May Flowers and when flowers are on the brain, we could not help but think of the beautiful lotus flower.  The Lotus is the ultimate symbol of light and beauty as it emerges from the dark muddy waters - basically our feelings as we stretch into spring from the long winter!  We want to see your Lotus Mudra anywhere, in any pose, as you open to the light of longer days and warmer weather!

Rules on Entering:

  1. Enter a photo of yourself incorporating a LOTUS MUDRA through our form online by 5.20 (ANY Pose where you include a Lotus Mudra is accepted!)
  2. Not required, however we’d LOVE to see your shot on Instagram! Tag us or #MikaGiveaway if you’d like!