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Meet Mika’s Creative Director & Founder

As Founder & Creative Director of Mika, Laura lives to create. She is moved by practicing yoga, running & nature. She draws inspiration from photography, styling & traveling. A mama to her furkid, Ruby & wife to business partner Sebastian, the 3 reside in La Jolla, California. 


Favorite part of the job

"When I play photographer there are moments where I get to witness a spark light up in a person. It can take anywhere from 1-100+ shots to get there, but when it happens, it’s magic. I not only get great joy in capturing it behind the lens, I get most excited when I share the picture with them & get to see their face light up with confidence. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing someone feel good about themselves. Self love can be a difficult thing to feel, so when I see others view this in themselves, it brings it all back to what the goal of Mika is: to inspire confidence. When I see THIS, I feel like I’m doing my job right."


"When I’m not creating for Mika, I’m getting crafty with my food. Recently as a fun outlet, I started a Vegan food blog, PlantChica & share my passion for turning food into art projects."