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“We work to create clothing that allows women to feel
comfortable, confident & inspired.”

Brand Purpose

Mika aims to produce affordable, fresh, flattering, feminine workout wear for women all over the world. We work to create clothing that allows women to feel comfortable and confident. We understand the differences and uniqueness each body has and strive to produce products which will encompass all. Each piece has been thoughtfully crafted with this in mind. The unique blend of fabrics satisfy all workouts; whether you’re in the hot yoga room, twirling on a pole, or simply running around town, our clothes offer long-lasting comfort and durability. We strive for you to feel comfortable, confident and inspired.


10 things that Set Us Apart

1. Hands on

We do all of our photography & design in house. Additionally, we don’t go through a modeling agency and instead, showcase everyday women we meet in the studio, through friends & the lovely Mika chicas that are a part of the team!


2. Practice what we Preach

We live, breathe, and dream MIKA. We can’t help but love what we do. Our desire for creating comes from a passion within & it is important for us that this translates organically to the line. The founder Laura has been practicing yoga for 15 years & is certified Bikram Teacher. You can spot her in many of the creative yoga snaps we share.


3. Family Owned & Operated

We are not only a husband + wife team, we work with our Dad, Rafael & sister, Janine as well. We are also proud to share that we manufacture our Peruvian goods in a small family owned factory in Peru.


4. We take our Adventuring Seriously

We are adventure seekers & take our photography and media material to heart. We love traveling, bringing our team with us, meeting people on the way, and most of all being a hands on company. We are obsessed with CREATING.


5. We say NO to Photoshopping Bodies

We don’t photoshop body parts & believe that sharing untouched bodies is very important to the core belief of our company: Empowerment. We make clothes for women to feel good in & in turn believe it is our responsibility to keep it real in the images we put out. Bends, rolls, bruises, birthmarks are part of life! It’s not about being perfect to us, it’s about showcasing beauty in it’s entirety.


6. We take things to the Sexy Side

It’s no secret our shorts are sometimes cheeky. We aren’t afraid to take things to the sexy side & have PROUDLY supported the pole community from the start of the line. Click here to read this story.


7. We have a Swimwear Line

A Crazy, Sexy, Eco-friendly, Brazilian one that is. All the styles are handmade, brazilian cut & made from eco-friendly fabrics. You will see our boho flare & love for strappy backs incorporated in the line.


8. We Proudly Embrace our Latin Roots

We embrace our Latin roots & love incorporating a touch of Peru & our boho spirit in the designs to share where we come from.


9. We Support a Variety of Artists

Our accessories are handmade from local artists of Peru, our malas are handmade by our talented friend Ky and our mat designs are created with original artwork.


10. We aren’t cookie cutter PERFECT

By any means. We dig deep & aren’t afraid of getting our feet dirty. We are constantly learning, growing & awaiting feedback from YOU. We take risks, try new things, fail, learn, succeed, grow, have setbacks but at the end of the day, our hearts are in this. FULLY. Our love for the brand is unparalleled & we will continue to strive to be the best we can be with the help of your feedback & support.