About Us


Mika’s main goal is to design and create products that are made for movement, inspiring you to be your most positive and bold self. In each aspect of our business, from design to production to sales, we set our standards high and are dedicated to creating an experience that celebrates our makers, our doers, and our community. Each piece you purchase is carefully crafted by our dedicated teams in Peru and Brazil, who bring our mission to life.
Family owned and operated, our management team down to our production teams are treated with the highest ethical and business standards in the biz, and they love what they do, which we hope is visible in the products we bring to you! Forgoing a corporate business model, we at Mika love to keep it personal. From our boutique shopping experience to our small batch manufacturing of our own product, we keep our quality high and value our customers above all.


What Make Us US 

We love to showcase the wonderful people we meet in the studio, through friends, and at work, so the people you see modeling for us are just that.
We think YOU are beautiful, which is why we say NO to photoshop.
Not only do we love to capture our local #mikachicas, but we also LOVE to travel! New adventures, new people, we want to capture it all. That's why our creative team is hands on and passionate about creating content and new designs! In addition to our in-house design team, we love to hire local artists and artisans for fresh looks and artwork!
Our team is dedicated to our mission and we practice what we preach, from our resident yoga teachers, to our dancers and runners. But we know we aren't perfect. We are constantly learning, growing & awaiting feedback from YOU. We take risks, try new things, fail, learn, succeed, grow, have setbacks but at the end of the day, our hearts are in this. FULLY. Our love for the brand is unparalleled & we will continue to strive to be the best we can be with the help of your feedback & support.

Sustainability and Ethical Trade

Along with using biodegradable/recyclable packing we participate in the Green Initiative, are Certified Carbon Neutral, AND our swim collection and yoga mats are Eco-Friendly and 100% biodegradable.
We believe in using the best raw materials, labor practices, and production procedures. All of our awesome employees are treated with respect and tolerance.
Long story short, we love our earth, our product, and most importantly, our employees!