Attention all of you eco-loving yoginis and OMies out there!  You are going to love the brand new MIKA Yoga Mat!  We have dubbed it an Eco - Loving Lux mat because it is just that. It has a luxurious micro-fiber suede top bonded to 100% natural biodegradable tree rubber.  The micro-fiber is soft to the touch and designed to grip better as you sweat through your practice. Gorgeously decorated with water based inks, it will inspire you to play & practice on it more and more!  It is machine washable as well as extremely easy to clean simply with a cloth and water. You can feel good about getting on this mat as it is free from chemicals, recyclable, biodegradable and the ultimate eco-loving mat.

    Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner

    Mandala Mat - Accessories - Mika Yoga Wear
    Mandala Mat $ 64.00
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    Lombok Mat $ 64.00