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Mary Fischer | Inspiration

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Meet our newest Inspiration: Mary Fischer! Below is a quick video of her demonstrating a a freestyle yoga flow here at Mika Yoga Wear.

My Story

Yoga came into my life at a very young age. When I was ten, I witnessed a horrible trauma, and suffered a great amount of stress and fear thereafter. I was thirteen when my mom brought home a yoga tape for me to try out. That hour of moving, breathing, and relaxing into savasana was the first time since the incident, that I felt safe, and a sense of peace. I was totally hooked! I continued to practice and ventured out to yoga classes at my local gym. The peace my yoga teacher held was inspiring; I wanted a piece of that! My practice was the only time during my busy day that I could sit, breathe and connect to something bigger than myself.

I started teaching yoga during the Spring of my Freshman year of college. Although it was my dream, my teaching became another activity to cram into my already daunting schedule. As time went on and school became harder, my never-resting lifestyle eventually caught up with me. My sleeping disorder that I had developed as a child returned in full force. I tried to address my insomnia desperately with anything I could and the disorder eventually snowballed out of control. Mid-way through my senior year I wound up in the ER after four completely sleepless nights. I dropped all my classes, quit all my jobs and moved home. Let me tell you, there is no better way to understand the power of yoga than hitting rock bottom and letting it build you back up. My ego was killed, I was raw, I was humbled. I saw what my rat race of a lifestyle had got me- nothing. I saw the meaningless of this world’s definition of “success.”

In my darkest hour, I realized only one thing mattered- God. I realized how my thoughts had created my situation and my reality. I found that the lifestyle I had grown accustomed to was killing me from the inside out. It had left no genuine time for prayer, contemplation, or peace. With the help of an amazing Aryuvedic doctor, I approached my situation holistically and naturally. Meditation and Yoga became my spiritual route, healing me from the inside. My mind became clear and my heart took the drivers seat. I learned to surrender and in that found strength and peace. The focus in my life was now clear. I believe God dwells within me, so I must always honor my body and mind and do what I need to stay balanced and healthy. I also understand that God dwells within every soul, so I want to always try to honor and respect the light within others.

Yoga continues to transform my life. Teaching from my heart is almost more fun than practicing myself. I love sharing yoga with others because I believe it is a beautiful practice to re-discover your light within. As a teacher, I want my students to know that I am not perfect; I am human- and although my life does not always go as planned- I have learned to love and accept my journey, exactly as is. Namaste!

Passion turned to Action

Yoga Swell is my passion turned into action. It is a freelance yoga company that offers private and group lessons. The goal is to reach those who need yoga the most, but are unlikely to find themselves in a yoga studio. Classes can be held at the client’s home or out in nature, all with the intention of serving the client’s needs. Sessions are co-created, offering a fun and creative experience for the practitioner.

Another awesome aspect about Yoga Swell is the outreach. Swelling the good vibes of yoga shouldn’t be attached to a pay check- this is really where my love can be found. Each month I seek to partner with a local charity, organization, or individual to raise awareness or fund raise for their need. Currently, I am working with Off the Mat, Into the World, for the 2012 Global Seva Challenge for India; which raises money and awareness for the human trafficking epidemic. The goal is to raise $20,000 and all of the proceeds go towards empowering and rehabbing the survivors of sex slavery. (I need all the help I can get, so if you’re interested, please contact me!) Yoga is a beautiful experience and opportunity to re-discover your inner light, and allow it to grow and shine, carrying your passion and inspiration out into the world. Let your yoga transform you and see what you can do, when you let your yoga swell.

Yoga is a beautiful experience and opportunity to re-discover your inner light, and allow it to grow and shine. Let your yoga transform you and see what you can do, when you let your yoga swell.

Want to find out more about Mary and her company, Yoga Swell? Check out www.yogaswell.com!

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    Amazing video! And the music is perfect!