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We LOVE Color Blocking…

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Color blocking is the most recent fashion craze right now.  Mix a little pizzazz, match it with a bit of flare, and a splash of confidence…  and voila, you’ve got yourself a fashion statement!

Color Blocking Basics
The main idea  of color blocking is combining different colors that support and complement each other.  The color wheel helps us see how some colors naturally pair well together, while also showing how they evolve  down the wheel.

Discovering colors…


C’mon, let’s travel back a little to our childhood… Remember those fun times finger painting, and getting really a little messy? We learned there are three primary colors: blue, red, and yellow.


Mixing these colors together creates our secondary colors: green, purple, and orange (who didn’t have fun mixing those together as a kid…!).  And our tertiary colors are a result from further mixing.


Analogous colors are three colors lined up side-by-side on the color wheel.  Complimentary colors are the ones directly opposite each other on the chart…these are the perfect pairing colors! (Christmas is one color-blocking-fashion forward Holiday!)


Fast Forward to now…                       Color blocking is a great way to liven up your daily wardrobe, and workout apparel.  There are so many ways to play up your style at home, with variety of ways to mix and match.  What’s most important, though, is that you make it your own and feel comfortable, confident and sexy in what you wear. Most importantly: have fun with it!  I always say that fashion sets good guidelines, but we make our own rules and looks…or something like that!

Here at Mika, we ‘re loving color blocking, and have created some looks we think you could rock!  Our colors blend together better than chocolate chip cookies with sprinkled diamonds on top.


Be DARING. Warning: Must not be afraid of color to rock this look;)

Be CHIC. A little more subtle color blocking… The splash of Mango brings this look together in cool & stylish way.

Be LUMINESCENT. Why hello Bronze Goddess..These are awesome colors to compliment darker skin tones.

Be UNEXPECTED. Who says you can’t throw some prints into the color blocking pairing? We don’t- We actually LOVE. This combo is unexpected but totally works. Rock it ladies..

Be FRESH. A little more expected but nonetheless fresh & unique. This could totally be a cute bathing suit too! 

Be CLASSIC. Mango & Bali are meant to be together…Speaking of that combo- I sure wouldn’t mind eating some mango in Bali right now!

Well, we hope these ideas inspire you to mix & match! Have a cool color combo we missed? We’d love to hear, so feel free to share your creative pairing!


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