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Here’s a fun fact: According to the British Dental Health Foundation, “A smile gives off the same level of stimulation as eating 2,000 chocolate bars!” If this isn’t reason enough to spread those lips and smile bright… here’s a few more…  10 REASONS to SMILE:     1. Lifts your mood 2. Relieves Stress 3. […]


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Color blocking is the most recent fashion craze right now.  Mix a little pizzazz, match it with a bit of flare, and a splash of confidence…  and voila, you’ve got yourself a fashion statement! Color Blocking Basics The main idea  of color blocking is combining different colors that support and complement each other.  The color […]


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We’ve all been guilty of it- skipping on Savasana so we can get back to our busy lifestyles…. Sometimes the hardest part of the practice is to just close our eyes and relax! But for all you “busy” bodies… Did you know that Savasana holds the key to health and well-being? It just might be […]